Yes or No Wheel

Solve difficult decisions with a SPIN of the wheel.

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We are surrounded with yes or no decisions everywhere we go. As a result, we've all felt the anxiety that comes with making decisions. Decision making may be challenging, especially when we are uncertain about our preferred outcome. Our Yes or No Wheel can benefit you by making the ultimate decision for you.

Get an unbiased yes or no answer with just a spin of the wheel

Each day, we are surrounded by yes or no decisions, and we all know how scary decision-making can be. Making decisions may be difficult at times, particularly when we are unsure which conclusion is best for us. Sometimes simple yes or no questions bother us the most. These questions are hard to answer to, because we know in our minds, that nothing too bad could happen either way. Simple yes or no decisions, for example, might be:

  • Do I need to eat that chocolate bar right now?
  • Should I go to bed early today, instead of binging on that TV show?
  • Should I use my bike instead of car to go to work tomorrow?

However, determining whether to say yes or no may be tough since our choices might be influenced by our surroundings, our own emotions, or how well has our day gone.

Moreover, there are occasions when we must make decisions that will have greater effects on our life. Such as:

  • Is it time for me to move to another city?
  • Should I sell my car to start pursuing my business?
  • Should I give him/her another chance?

This sort of questions usually necessitate additional thought, which may be draining, overwhelming, and perplexing. We could even list the advantages and disadvantages equally, so determining whether to say yes or no feels nearly impossible.

Choosing correctly does not always imply choosing slowly. Let's not make things too complicated! It can sometimes be beneficial and relaxing to have someone else make the decision for you. When you are feeling unsure about your decision, let our YES or NO oracle control the outcome of your situation.

How to use our yes or no decision maker

Using our YES or NO Wheel could not be made any easier. You can generate a truly unbiased answer to any of your questions, any time.

  1. Concentrate on a question that you want to find an answer to.
  2. Click on the SPIN button.
  3. Our Yes or No Wheel will generate you a totally random yes or no answer.

If you are still unsure about the answer you got, then we suggest you to spin the wheel an odd number of times. The answer that came up a greater number of times is the one you should go by.

For example, if you decide you spin the wheel 5 times and the result "yes" came up 3 times out of 5, then the answer to your question is yes.