Yes or No?

Solve difficult decisions with a click of a button.

Every person faces different situations in a day, where we have to make a yes or no decision. Sometimes decision making could be hard, especially when we are unsure about our desired outcome. Our Yes or No button can help you out by making the decision for you.

Get an unbiased yes or no answer with just a click of a button

People come up against different situations in a day, where yes or no answer is needed or expected from us. Sometimes decision making could be hard, especially when we are not sure ourselves which outcome would be better for us. For instance, smaller scale yes or no decisions could be:

  • Should I eat pasta for dinner again?
  • Should I go for a run even when I do not feel like it?
  • Should I pamper myself and book a spa day?

But deciding yes or no still can be difficult, because answers for these can be affected by our mood, how our day has been and so on.

But sometimes, we have to make decisions that have a bigger impact on our lives. For example:

  • Should I quit my job to travel the world?
  • Should I make that call and apologize?
  • Should I go on a date with him/her?

Usually, this type of questions need more consideration, which can get exhausting, overwhelming and confuse one even more. We might even list pros and cons equally, so deciding yes or no seems almost impossible.

Sometimes it is better to have someone else making that decision for you. But the only way to be sure that the answer is unbiased, is to leave it in the hands of Yes or No button.

How to use our yes or no decision maker

Using our yes or no button could not be easier. You can generate a random answer to any of your questions any time.

  1. Concentrate on a question that you want to find an answer to.
  2. Click on the big yellow yes or no button.
  3. Our button will generate you a totally random yes or no answer.

If you are still unsure about the answer you got, then we suggest you to click on the button an odd number of times. The answer that came up a greater number of times is the one you should go by.

For example, if you decide you click on the button 5 times and the result "yes" came up 3 times out of 5, then the answer to your question is yes.